Tower Hamlets Co-production Toolkit


This guide is structured to support practitioners to practically implement the values and principles of co-production in their piece of work.

The success lies in people (i.e. people with lived experiences of services, residents, etc.), staff and other stakeholders working together as equals from start to finish and ensuring co- production is planned for from the start.

OUR VISION: Co-production is central to every intervention! e.g. an individual assessment or developing a new service approach or working with a community.

AIMS of the Toolkit:

  • To be used by staff to implement co-production in practice.
  • Not intended to be a “step by step” guide as approaches will vary based on individual projects and outcomes desired–there is no linear way to successfully co-produce!
  • Will evolve as co–production evolves in Tower Hamlets – please send us examples of co-production so we can showcase them!

We want your feedback! Please contact Jon Williams if you have examples, questions or suggestions about amendments to the toolkit

What is co-production and what are the benefits?

-        It’s about working in equal partnership with the people that use our services and ensuring it is a meaningful process for everyone.

-        The best way to define it is collectively, for your specific purpose, with the people doing the co-production.

-        The National Co-production Critical Friends Group, a very diverse cross-sector network, agreed this definition: ‘Co-production is a relationship where professionals and citizens share power to plan and deliver support together, recognising that both have vital contributions to make in order to improve quality of life for people and communities.’

Co-production: What it is and how to do it


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What are the benefits of co-production?

For residents/people with lived experience of our services:

  • Learn new skills
  • Have a say in decisions that will directly effect them
  • Meet new people
  • Reward and recognition

For organisations:

  • Helps ensure resources are used to develop support and services people really want.
  • Deliver better outcomes for people who use services and residents
  • Build stronger communities and develop citizenship

Developing our understanding of the difference co-production makes in social care - SCIE

Co-production: The benefits for people and organisations | The National Lottery Community Fund (