Why do I need to know the values and principles of co-production?

What values underpin co-production?

These values frame the principles to guide your co-production.

  • Equality: everyone involved makes equal contribution (staff, residents, etc)
  • Agency: people’s individual values should be respected and enabled and valued and not defined by staff
  • Reciprocity: all parties are supported to contribute and thereby benefit from the co-production

What principles underpin co–production?

Review the principles below as part of your co-production and seek support from someone with co-production experience if you want to clarify the use of a principle.

The principles are of equal importance and are explained in more detail below.

  1. Co-production activities with people and communities must be adequately resourced.
  2. Power should be shared amongst all partners.
  3. Embrace perspectives and skills of others and ensure these are represented whether working with a individual or in the project.
  4. Respect and value the ‘lived experience’ and how different forms of knowledge can be expressed and transmitted.
  5. Ensure there are benefits for all parties involved in the co-production activities.
  6. Meet people and communities where they are: do not expect them to come to you.
  7. Work flexibly.
  8. Avoid jargon and ensure people and communities have access to the right information at the right time.
  9. Relationships with individuals and communities should be built for the long-term and not for the short-term.