Social Prescribing Service

Residents in Tower Hamlets experience poorer health outcomes than the general population[1] and often visit their GP for reasons other than medical issues as a result of not knowing where to get support for their wider social issues, which have a significant, negative impact on their health.

Social Prescribers in Tower Hamlets are link workers, based in GP practices, who support patients with their non-medical issues and help them to access appropriate support within the local community, for example around volunteering, employment, benefits, housing, debt, parenting and physical activity.

Tower Hamlets has a history of providing social prescribing in two GP practices, the Bromley-by-Bow Centre and the Mission Practice.

In 2016, Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group funded an 18 month roll-out of social prescribing across the borough with Tower Hamlets GP Care Group, acting as lead provider organisation. The service is delivered by 10 Social Prescribers; each GP practice has a named Social Prescriber.

Useful contacts
Kam Kaur, Tower Hamlets GP Care Group:
Jon Owen, Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group:


The full evaluation and executive summary (download both from Related Resources section on the right) looks at the first eight months of the roll-out, from 1 December 2016 to 31 July 2017. A range of quantitative and qualitative data sources were used to describe the service during the evaluation period and to assess how well the service met its evaluation objectives, recommending service developments in the short term and an ideal model to work towards in the longer term.

[1] For a detailed profile of the population in Tower Hamlets, refer to the borough’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment -

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