Care Confident

Care Confident is our educational and communication resource aimed at supporting families with under five year olds in better understanding the signs and symptoms of the most common childhood illnesses, helping them to know what to do, and when to worry. It also aims to help parents and carers keep their children healthy.

Launched in February 2018, local parents and carers in Tower Hamlets can find simple, accessible advice on common childhood illnesses through a suite of materials including an easy-read booklet and animation videos that give support on what to do when their child is unwell.

Developed in partnership with local parents and carers, who came up with the name and slogan, and local health professionals, the materials were created in acknowledgment of the fact that some parents and carers worry that they do not have the knowledge to deal with certain situations when their child falls ill, such as making the correct diagnosis and providing the right treatment.

The reality is that a range of minor illnesses can be treated either at home, or quickly and effectively by visiting your local pharmacist, easing the pressure on other services such as GPs and walk-in centres and leaving A&E free for real emergencies.

The Care Confident Materials

Care Confident Booklet
Check out our easy-read booklet on common minor illnesses, helping parents to understand what they should do when their child is unwell and where and when to seek further treatment.


Care Confident Animations

Parents and carers can view six animation videos focusing on what to do if your child has a fever, cough, cold, worrying skin conditions or is experiencing an upset tummy.





Cold & Flu




Skin Conditions


Diarrhoea and Vomiting


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