The Solution (Complex Adults)

Promoting Independence

Promoting Independence

The Promoting Independence workstream works with the complex adult population to promote this cohort's independence, wellbeing and social inclusion, enabling them to participate as equal citizens in society.

Work began with the development of an Ageing Well Strategy in 2017 that set out the plan of how to improve the life experience and healthcare for the elderly in Tower Hamlets.

The development of Tower Hamlets Together strategy was supported by older people, local organisations and groups that specialise in this area, who all helped to identify what matters to people as they grow older.

For more information and updates on the strategy and the progress made so far on improving health and social services for the elderly in Tower Hamlets, visit the Services for Older People page on the council website.

Further development of the cohort includes all residents over aged 18 with complex issues arising from disability, long term health conditions, societal issues or ageing, which unless addressed effectively, can prevent them from living the independent lives they would otherwise choose.


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The intention is that our population will fit into one of these groupings, ensuring that health and social services and provisions in Tower Hamlets are better tailored to the needs of the group.

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