Coaching for Health and Wellbeing

In 2017, the Tower Hamlets Together (THT) Vanguard was awarded funding to deliver a coaching programme to support frontline staff, clinical leads and senior managers in the challenge of delivering integrated, person centred care. This programme is being offered at a systems wide level across Tower Hamlets.

Frontline staff can gain skills in ‘Coaching for Health and Well-being’. This allows them to use coaching skills to work with people to identify what really matters to them, to encourage self-care and to co-produce care plans. This approach is already widely used in the Health and Care sector and is often referred to as ‘Health Coaching’. Within Tower Hamlets, it has been rebadged to include wellbeing and care, reflecting the wide range of services available to people through Tower Hamlets Together. To find out more about Health Coaching, visit:

Clinical leads, managers and senior leaders are also being offered the opportunity to learn and practice coaching skills for leadership and management.

This coaching programme supports staff to deliver on the THT outcomes, goals and strategy.

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For more information about the development of coaching skills across THT, please contact Alison Jukes:

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If you have any feedback regarding our services, or suggestions of ideas and initiatives that may improve the healthcare and wellbeing of people in Tower Hamlets, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.