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Children and Families Executive (previously born well and growing well)

Children and Families Executive

As with all three workstreams, the Children and Families executive includes colleagues from all six partner organisations with Tower Hamlets Together, who together, oversee the continued development of operational and strategic approaches to meet the need of children and families in the borough.

The workstream sits in parallel to ‘Every Chance for Every Child’ engagement group to link stakeholder engagement to areas of transformation across, Health, Education and Social Care. The CFE has agreed strategic priorities which are agreed each year and in addition there are four longstanding subgroups that focus on broader themes.

The Care Confident Programme, the resource for parents and carers of under 5s around minor ailments, will be one of a number of Vanguard implemented programmes for under 5s. The workstream will be responsible for maintaining and expanding this resource across Tower Hamlets to ensure better use of primary and secondary child care services for under 5s, as well as support families in managing minor ailments better.



The workstream has four thematic sub-groups that will deliver on the agreed set of objectives for Children and Families Executive.

  1. SEND - (Special Education Needs and Disability)
  2. Maternity & Early Years
  3. CAMHS (Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Group)
  4. Children and Young People Pathway Development Group

Each subgroup has an annual workplan, submitted to the Children and Families Executive with detailed reporting a minimum of twice a year against the agreed objectives.

Finally, the Children and Families Executive receives service specific reports as part of the partnership governance arrangements sitting under, and represented at, both the THT Local Delivery Board and the THT Executive Board.

Current Priorities for Tower Hamlets Together:

  • What’s happening now: Understand and oversee what is happening now, using the overarching systems outcomes as a lens.
  • Cost Savings: Explore and develop transformational programmes to improve the value of what is offered to the people in Tower Hamlets.
  • QI project opportunity: Identify one population to test out QI methodology, which will be learned from in future instances. (We have collectively decided to focus on Asthma for over 5s in Tower Hamlets as the target population cohort).

The intention is that our population will fit into one of these groupings, ensuring that health and social services and provisions in Tower Hamlets are better tailored to the needs of the group.

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