Staff Engagement Events

Engaging with staff

Our quarterly engagement events, running since April 2015, are open to all staff working in the Tower Hamlets Together (THT) partnership. So far, there have been 13 events reaching more than 1,000 people.

The purpose of these events have been to provide updates on THT developments, showcase local success stories, understand different roles better and facilitate conversations across professions and disciplines about ‘working together’.

The focus of each event is different, for instance in January 2018 the theme was the role of social care, in October 2017 ‘Our THT Stories, Updates and Reflections’ involved frontline staff explaining how they deliver integrated care on the ground and, in July, the ‘Primary Care and Community Fair’ allowed 21 different services to put names to faces, find out more about other teams and services, explore how to support each other and build stronger relationships as well as with service users.

The engagement events were recently described as the most enthusiastic and inspirational demonstration of the day-to-day partnership working required to deliver the THT mission.

The THT Board will continue to support the events and is exploring the best ways of doing this.

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