The Wheel of Partnership

During 2017, a competency model known as ‘The Wheel of Partnership’ was developed. The model identifies the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable successful integrated working and person centred care.

The model was created from research carried out by Bournemouth University and from data collected via many conversations with Tower Hamlets Together (THT) staff. The competencies are a way of evaluating how we are doing and how we can get better. They can be used by individuals for self-reflection or by teams as a tool for group discussion. They are relevant to all people and organisations working across THT.

Currently it is being used by teams to identify how they can further develop their model of integrated working and some teams are including the competencies in their job descriptions. The aim is to get this model adopted across all THT partners.

Download the Wheel of Partnership workbook for teams and individuals here.

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