Tower Hamlets Together Vanguard Legacy Work

The Tower Hamlets Together (THT) Vanguard funding allowed us to create and develop a number of innovative projects within the THT Children’s Programme.

There were three main strands:

The Bridge Virtual Ward:

This focused on improving care coordination for children with complex needs and aims to prevent hospital admissions reduce length of stay when admissions are necessary and ensure an effective transition to adult services. It involved a virtual multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach and used risk stratification to identify cohorts from new born to transitions ages and links to the education, health and care plan (EHCP) process


Specialist children’s community health services:

This focused on the implementation of a primary service provider model incorporating an ages and stages approach with the aim of providing early intervention, improve care planning and coordination using individualised family service plans and make every contact count (MECC). It takes a life course approach delivering integration and support during transitions with targeted therapy bundles.


Integrated early years programme:

The integrated early years programme aims to improve both short and long term outcomes by giving every child the best start in life. It involves a whole population approach to reduce future demand by focusing on prevention with an emphasis on empowerment of families and communities.

For further information, download the Children and Young People’s Vanguard Programme report.

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