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We want to better understand unpaid carers’ experience during Adult Social Care assessments for the person they care for. We want to work together with carers to together think about solutions to improve their experience.

Members of the Adult Social Care Practice Development Team will be joining The TH Carer Centre’s May Carer’s Forum on Wednesday 22/5/24 to have a discussion with carers about their experiences of Adult Social Care assessments for the cared for person. This is your opportunity to feedback to Adult Social Care directly. The aim is that this discussion will lead to opportunities for carers to be directly involved, as equal partners, in ongoing development work around the carers experience of Adult Social Care.

If you’ve had a recent (in the last 12 months) experience of an Adult Social Care assessment for the person you care for, we want to hear your views! If unable to attend for a group discussion or you would prefer to express your views via email or a phone discussion, please email Lauren Osborn, Adult Social Care Co- production Lead Please do also complete our feedback form, linked below. You can read more about the activities happening at The Carer’s Centre this month in their newsletter.

Please come share your views! 

When: Wednesday May 22, 2024 11am-1pm

Where? TH Carer’s Centre TH Carer’s Centre, 21 Brayford Square, London E1 0SG.

We look forward to meeting you.

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