Launching the Tower Hamlets Child Healthy Weight Directory of Support Services 

Health professionals in Tower Hamlets now have access to the Child Healthy Weight Directory of Support Services; a one-stop resource to connect children, young people and families to resources and services relating to accessing healthy weight help in the borough. 

Developed in partnership with the GP Care Group and London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the 17-page directory was developed following a borough wide mapping activity of community, universal, target and specialist healthy weight support services. It draws from the Tower Hamlets Local Offer, Clarity, and other service directories in the borough.

The Child Healthy Weight Directory of Support Services brings together in one document all the available support services and assets in Tower Hamlets that help families to address obesity and its drivers.

Reframing how we think and talk about obesity is essential. Obesity has long been misunderstood, with people attributing excess weight to personal responsibility and holding simplistic belief about what works e.g. ‘eat less -move more’. This has resulted in the rise of weight stigma and for professionals, narrow and sometimes inappropriate support. The directory addresses these issues and includes targeted support for health professionals including ‘Healthy Weight Digital Resources – page 12’ and ‘Resources and training opportunities for professionals – page 17’. 

This directory is non-exhaustive and will be reviewed and updated bi-annually. Please contact: for any service changes.