The patients and staff at Accelerate are immensely proud and excited to invite you to a FREE Art’s in Health performance that we have commissioned for our patient cohort from Rosetta Life Welcome to Rosetta Life - Rosetta Life.

Accelerate recognise the importance and value of supporting our wound and lymphoedema patients to be their best selves and understand not only their condition but who they really are to engage with their bodies in a unique and bespoke way to better manage their health & wellness. Accelerate has a continued passion for understanding our patients as individuals whilst collaboratively improving the entire patient journey delivering personalised clinical and non-clinical experiences.

With Rosetta life, a renowned Arts in Health company of over 20 years’ experience, Accelerate have teamed up, along with nine very talented patients to devise and deliver a performance piece called Wishing Well. This performance allows expression from individuals with lived experience to demonstrate through varying art forms how they see, manage and cope living day to day with their conditions.

We hope you can attend and spread the word of this one night only performance at Rich Mix theatre on Tuesday 5th April at 6pm. Come along for a night of fun whilst supporting our citizens and the wider community to appreciate the richness and talent we have in East London.

The below link allows you to book FREE tickets and provides further detail on the performance and venue.