We are delighted to invite you to the Tower Hamlets Together supported ‘Take a Breather day’ due on the 17th September 2019. 

Expected topics covered will relate to asthma and the interface with allergy/eczema in children and young people.

This will include the holistic approach to these components and therefore include the impact of air pollution and the practical advice that can be offered to support families, children/young people on this.

It will be an opportunity:

·         To understand the role EVEYONE plays in the journey of children and young people and the importance of collaborative working – real case scenarios will be shared.

·         For clinicians to attend focused sessions on the management of conditions.

·         For non-clinical attendees to better understand what to do, when to worry whilst having a clear idea of where best to sign post for clinical input.

This is a Tower Hamlets Together initiative so we welcome any staff (clinical or non-clinical) working with children and young people across the borough and community ambassadors with a special interest in this matter.


Click here to register a free place.