Tower Hamlets Co-production Toolkit


This toolkit should be used by staff to implement co-production in practice. It is important to note that this is not intended to be a “step by step” guide as there is not one, linear way to successfully co- produce. Therefore, this guide is structured to support practitioners to practically implement the value and principles of co-production in their piece of work. The success lies in people (i.e. people with lived experiences, patients and unpaid carers), staff and other stakeholders working together as equals from start to finish and ensuring you’ve planned for co-production from the start. This toolkit will evolve and grow as Tower Hamlets further embeds co-production into daily practice. 

What is Co-production?

There are numerous definitions of co-production but essentially it is about working in equal partnership with the people that use our services and ensuring it’s a meaningful process for everyone. We are seeking co-production to be central to every intervention e.g. an individual assessment or review or developing a new service approach.  What is important is the participants in a co-production activity using the values and principles of this toolkit to define co- production for your purposes.