Heatwave: Top Tips to Stay Cool and Comfortable This Weekend

After a mixed bag of weather this summer, the Met Office has issued a Level Three Alert the East of England (covering Bedfordshire and Luton) where temperatures are forecast to reach potentially dangerous levels between 9am on Saturday and 9am on Monday. And Level Two Alert for London. The advice is to stay out of the sun if you can, wear a hat, do not leave skin exposed and use factor 30 skin protection sunscreen.

Here are our top tips if you are out and about:

Ensure you drink plenty of cool fluids - a glass of fluid every hour

Increase your fluid intake regardless of your activity level - a glass of fluid every hour

Don't wait until you are thirsty to have fluids

Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine these actually cause you to lose more body fluid. Also avoid very cold drinks because they can cause stomach cramps

Apply Sunscreen - factor 30 or above to any exposed skin

Keep a water container with you and keep it topped up

Wear clothing to cover your shoulders, chest and neck - areas likely to burn 

Apply Sunscreen - factor 30 or above to any exposed skin

Loose fitting light coloured clothes will reflect the sun and allow air to circulate to keep your skin cool and apply Sunscreen - factor 30 or above.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen to exposed areas on your head, tips of ears, face, back of your neck

We can't say it often enough - apply Sunscreen - factor 30 or above to any exposed skin


Stay cool indoors

If you do not have air conditioning or a fan, keep your curtains closed during the day

Taking a cool shower, bath or applying a cold water soaked towel to your neck and wrists can cool you down

Air conditioning only works with windows closed.

Have a drink by your side and replenish every hour

Take your duvet out of the cover and just sleep under the cover.

Keep a drink by your bed and have a drink if you wake up


Check on Loved Ones and Vulnerable People

Make sure children and youngsters are dressed appropriately if heading out, covered in sunscreen, with a water bottle and a hat. If they protest, tell them sunburn, headaches and peeling skin is uncomfortable and not cool!

Older people and babies do not have effective body temperature control. (It's their under-functioning/undeveloped hypothalmus!). So make sure they are hydrated, not over heating and dressed appropriately

If someone has dementia, uses alcohol or drugs, or is prescribed medication that affects their alertness, they may not be aware of risky behaviour in the hot weather so don't let them fall asleep unless under shade or wearing a hat

Look after your pets. Do not leave them in a car and ensure they have plenty of water



If you are walking, allow more time to get to your destination. Walk a bit slower to conserve your energy and allow for the effect the heat will have on your temperature. Slurp from a water bottle as you go!

If you have air-conditioning in your car, open the windows to let the hot air out before switching it on

Keep some cool drinks in the boot of the car. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, your emergency stash will save the day!

Take a water container when using public transport

If you or a fellow passenger becomes unwell on the tube, train or bus, get off at the next station/stop. Ask to sit down if you are standing. Find somewhere to sit and cool down.  Don't pull the emergency cord in between stations


Wear sunscreen even when you are driving. Those UV rays get everywhere.