Tower Hamlets is striving towards becoming a trauma informed borough and this training involves discussing the work on increasing awareness and responsiveness to trauma. 

Tower Hamlets Public Health have commissioned WAVE Trust to provide free CPD-accredited training for frontline workers supporting residents across Tower Hamlets, funded by LBTH Public Health via the Department for Health and Social Care’s Better Mental Health Fund 2021-2022. Register for both or one of these 2 hour sessions via links below.


Understanding Trauma (Module A)

Implementing Trauma-Informed Practice (Module B)

Trauma-Informed Champions

Register here: Eventbrite Link

Topics covered in this session include:

·         What Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are, and their later life outcomes

·         Introduction to brain development and trauma

·         The importance of attunement and attachment, and how both develop

·         Experiences that can cause trauma and immediate and long-term impact of trauma on behavioural, health and other outcomes

·         Vicarious and secondary trauma

·         What trauma does to a person’s worldview

·         How trauma and fear affect a person’s interactions with authority

·         What protective factors are and how they help us to build resilience

·         The importance of a relationship with a key adult

·         Breaking the intergenerational cycle of adversity


Register here: Eventbrite Link

Topics covered in this session include:

·         Why implement Trauma-informed practice and its potential impacts

·         Principles underpinning Trauma-informed practice

·         Trauma-informed language, behaviour and reactions

·         How to respond to produce positive outcomes

·         How to identify how aspects of service delivery could become trauma-informed

·         How to implement trauma-informed practice throughout them

·         Tools and materials to support implementation

·         Ensuring effective support for staff

·         Self-care strategies

·         How to avoid re-traumatisation and enhance prevention efforts

·         Successful examples of trauma-informed practice


For people who have already completed these trainings or other similar ones, we are also offering 2 sessions about becoming a champion of trauma-informed approaches in your work on the dates below. More information attached.


If interested, or would like to nominate someone in your team, please email and I can send over the registration link.


1.       30th March 10am-4pm

2.       13th June 10am-4pm

Additional support is available for applying the learning from the trainings including:

  1. Monthly Q&A sessions
  2. A Facebook Group for discussing trauma-informed practice with other staff
  3. Resources: Attached folder of the resources that the training provider has shared in case it is useful to you and others.  
  4. There is also a Trauma-Informed Community of Practice in Tower Hamlets which meets about every 6 weeks to share knowledge and enable collaboration. Please email me and / or to join.