Top Tips To Get Co-production Going

Time and capacity

Co-production takes time as it involves all interested people from the start. Both staff and people report significant pressures on their time and ability to do additional activity. So, to implement co-production think how people can be supported to make the space for the co-production. Agree this collectively and check in throughout the co-production that this is working for everyone. 


Demonstrating effective & timely feedback to people

When you work with people in a co-production agree how and when you tell them of the impact of their input. This builds trust and where this is done well, people keep engaged and can encourage others to become involved. In all instances where people help services understand and develop, this should be reported back to those people.


Reward and Recognition effectively in place

This is about people getting something back for their contribution. Usually this is a financial reward but can also not involve a monetary compensation. For an individual who you coproduce a support plan, the reward is a plan that is personalised and supports their wellbeing. With groups of people and the voluntary and community sector’s time is taken up to support a co-production (or co-design) activity there must be effective and timely Reward and Recognition in place. When you plan co-production and co-design budget for Reward and Recognition to support involvement. Find out more about THT and ASC Reward and Recognition funding here. [TBC]