Consulting - Engagement - Informing

The ladder of participation shows different ways in which people can be involved. Whilst we aim for co-production, it may not always be appropriate. What is your piece of work trying to do and how does it want people involved? Look at the ladder of participation and consider if you work is coproduction. Below is addition information on consulting, engagement and informing to help you make your judgement where your activity is on the ladder of participation.

Consulting is a formal process, on occasion a statutory requirement, to ask people – people with lived experiences, staff, other stakeholders - about a plan, way of working like a strategy or new service. For example, a plan to close a service or seek views of a new council strategy.

Engagement is a process of reaching out to people – people with lived experience, staff, other stakeholders - to make sure they can give their feedback, thoughts and ideas. For example, a commissioner going to a day-care centre to find out what people with lived experience and staff think of a specific service.

Informing is a process of explaining to people - people with lived experience, staff, other stakeholders – how something will work or be changing. For example, providing a leaflet on how a service will work or changes in services.

The Ladder of Co-production - Subtitled