Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

We've collated some key information, regarding vaccination sites.

Covid-19 vaccines

Vaccine clinic events

Weavers Field

Open on:

·         Sunday 18 July – 10am to 6pm

·         Monday 19 July 10am to 4pm

·         Tuesday 20 July 10am 4pm

Address: Weavers Fields Park,

Vallance Rd, London E2 6HD – near Bethnal Green station


Toynbee Hall

Open on:

·         Wednesday 21 July - 3pm to 9pm

·         Thursday 22 July - 3pm to 9pm

·         Friday 23 July - 3pm to 9pm

·         Saturday 24 July - 11am to 5pm

·         Sunday 25 July - 11am to 5pm

Address: Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS.


Clinics at Weavers Field and Toynbee Hall are for anyone due their first Covid-19 vaccine - anyone aged 18 and over.

Or anyone who had their first Pfizer jab 8 weeks ago and who needs their second dose.


Anyone eligible can just turn up; a booking is not needed. If you do not have ID, don’t worry. No questions will be asked.


Appointments can be booked using the council's online booking system or by calling the council helpline on 020 7364 3030.

If you’re coming for your second jab, please make sure it is at least 8 weeks since your first Pfizer jab.

The clinic will only give Pfizer vaccines.


Vaccine sites in Tower Hamlets

If you have any questions, or would prefer to book your appointment, please call our helpline 020 7364 3030 (Monday-Sunday, 9am - 5pm).

No ID needed

Everyone is welcome to get vaccinated at one of our clinics. If you do not have documentation, no questions will be asked. 

You need two doses for maximum protection – your second dose should be 8 - 12 weeks after your first.

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·         Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, E3 * 

·         Barkantine Practice, E14 *

·         Boots Pharmacy, Canary Wharf (Jubilee Place), E14

·         Cable Street Surgery, E1W *

·         East London Mosque, E1 *

·         George Green's School, E14 *

·         Granby Hall, E2

·         Lansbury Pharmacy, E14

·         Lincoln Pharmacy, E3

·         Newby Place, E14 *

·         Stepney Green Maths and Computing College, E1 *

·         Westfield Vaccine Centre, E20 * (MASS VACCINATION CENTRE)* WALK-IN OPTION AVAILABLE.

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